I have new delicious dishes for you to try every day, but here’s a list of what I usually have cooking away in my police box:

• Coffee
• Chai
• Hot chocolate
• Assorted soft drinks

• Chickpea curry
• Vegetable Dahl
• Veggie and meat samosas
• Veggie pakoras
• Assorted candy bars


2 thoughts on “Menu

  1. Nutan is nothing short of inspirational; somehow, combining her creative and social talents, she has single-handedly managed to convert a diminutive old police box into a thriving and very original venue. The Bollywood box is not simply a place to grab a coffee or have a curry, it is a place where you can stimulate your mental faculties, get uplifted and possibly meet some other people. The Bollywood Box is something of a novelty in the largely conservative area of Bruntsfield. Visually, it is sure to catch the eye with its ever-changing art work and intriguing quotes. Audibly, rip-roaring laughter can often be heard emanating from the box.

    Nutan is a real lover of people and seems to have time for everybody; people gravitate to her warm and benevolent nature. Nutan is a skilled conversationalist and clearly enjoys socializing with her eclectic array of loyal customers. I have personally witnessed the most timid of characters unabashedly engage in fully blown banter in her presence. Nutan possesses the rare ability to elicit the best in people. She can often be found in the act of introducing people. I, for one, have met some very good friends through Nutan which I strongly suspect would not have happened if Nutan had not introduced us.

    First class quality Indian food, ceaseless laughter and exceptional customer service are the hallmarks of the Bollywood Box. This one-of-a-kind, vivacious little woman from India is brimming with joy and laughter, best of all, she possesses an uncanny ability to transmit that joy to others. She is sure to bring a smile to even the dourest of creatures. Be good to yourself and visit this woman, you will assuredly be richer for it. I cannot recommend her enough! On a cautionary note, if you decide to visit, be prepared, if you don’t already, to understand the nature of addiction! Nutan and her box are a rare gem in this increasingly clinical world.

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