Celebrating Holi at the Bollywood Coffee Box


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Holi at the Bollywood Coffee Box

  1. When I first noticed the Box, I thought it was just another “Coffee Box”,
    serving the usual coffees and pastries. When I got closer, I realised it
    was much more than that! I laughed when I saw “Bollywood Box” – I have been to India a few times and have even been to see a Bollywood film, so I
    really identified with this. When I walked past the Box, I was really
    amused to see a “Joke of the Day” written on one side. Then I noticed a
    “Comment for the Day” too. This is usually a thought-provoking comment on
    human behaviour and how we view ourselves and each other. It isn’t simply
    a comment, however, because we, the public, are also invited to make our
    OWN comment on this.

    Then I noticed the beautiful flowers and herbs that have been planted round
    the Box and which also sit in pots on the roof. There is a pretty flowery
    pattern painted on the pavement in front of the Box, and one side is used
    to display interesting art-works. The Box itself is a work of art! Since
    I have noticed it, the Box is constantly evolving, always in an interesting, artistic and cultural way. It is the most unique and colourful “Coffee Box” I have ever seen.

    The “artistic/cultural director” of this Box is Nutan. She has managed to
    make this tiny space seem like a cafe with a gallery and lots of visitors. Her Indian food, which she manages to magic out of nowhere, is also delicious.
    It is always a real pleasure to visit Nutan’s Box, as she encourages social
    interaction with everyone who visits, promoting her Indian background and
    cultural roots, and making everyone smile and walk away feeling better
    about themselves after talking to her!

    As you can imagine, Nutan has created a place of beauty, a thought-provoking place, a cultural place and a place that makes everyone feel happier! I myself have never come across somewhere like this, which embodies so many different social, artistic and cultural elements. Nutan and her Box are such a welcome and unique addition to the distinctive character of Bruntsfield.

  2. Bollywood Coffee Box is truly inspiring place providing quality refreshment not only for your body but also the soul. The amazing homemade food for amazing price is prepared honestly with true love and service includes a smile or some inspiration from magical Nutan creator of this original. This take away brings a different characteristic in this local area and a unique platform for the commoners to experience art, aesthetics and food at the same time. This is not only providing the refreshing food and drink but also giving a moment of laugher, taste of art and an intriguing sense of thought. It is place of inspiration and meeting point of people. Small but real cutural center of Brunsfield area

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